General interest in solving the problems of the environment is increasing in recent years (especially
after the accession of Slovakia to the EU). Environmental concerns were largely only in the center
of attention of voluntary civil initiatives and associations in fairly recent past, now the authorities
and business entities take the initiative knowing that this is their competitive advantage, and that
environmental investments mean headstart, customer, prestige and the ability to achieve long-term
and larger profits.

In addition to the goods and services each business entity also produces environmental risks arising
from both normal operation and potential failures and accidents. Undertakings therefore (by the
effect of tightening the rules) increasingly focus on management of the impact of their activities on
the environment.

However a single entity has no power to achieve high quality performances in a wide range of
issues: from monitoring and enforcement of legislation in the area of environmental protection to
maintaining a decent position in the competition.

ERGONA, Inc. is a company that since 2005 provides professional services to a wide range of partners
in the environmental field. Basis of our offer are knowledge and experience of team of employees
and co-workers, who can solve problems in the interest of client in the area of environmental law,
waste and packaging management, air and water protection, nature and landscape protection,
integrated pollution prevention and control, environmental impact assessment and prevention and
remedying of environmental damages, all from expertise to complex project solutions, finding and
implementing substantive and technical solutions to the activities in creation and application of
environmental law.