• Advising on drafting of legislation (laws, decrees, regulations) in particular in the area of waste management including packaging as well as in other areas of environmental protection.

• The compilation of analyzes, studies and researches in the area of Slovak and European Union Environmental Law.

• Identification of all relevant areas of environment for a specific company, from which the rights and obligations imply, including the establishment of individual performance schedule of obligations.

• The management and update of the register of the existing legislation in the area of the environment relevant for a specific client with notifying about changes thereto and of their relation.

• Personal consultancy in dealing with permits under the laws in the area of environment.

• Personal consultancy in dealing with proceedings to impose penalties in the area of environment.

• Consultations for solving specific problems in the area of application of Environmental Law, particularly in the area of waste management, nature and landscape protection, industrial accidents, environmental impact assessment (EIA), the prevention and remedying of environmental damage, integrated pollution prevention and control of environment (IPPC).