Act No. 223/2001 Coll. on Waste, Act No. 17/2004 Coll. on charges for placing of wastes, Act No. 127/ 2006 Coll. on Persistent organic pollutants, Act No. 529/2002 on Packaging

• Analysis of the existing situation of waste management, analysis of related technical equipment and functional and financial analysis of waste management.

• Audit of waste management according to internationally recognized standards.

• Proposal and management of the waste management system (including its implementation) and drafting of related internal rules.

• Projecting and supporting activities in the area of development and construction of facilities aimed at recycling and recovery of waste commodities.

• Support and assistance in the preparation and implementation of projects related to the financial support of domestic and international resources (funds and grants).

• Assessment of landfills, proposal of redevelopment and revitalization measures.

• Proposal, construction and operation of information systems in the area of waste management.

• The control system of paying charges and reporting under relevant legislation.

• Securing the preparation of the waste management system of waste producers, municipalities as well as WMS of PCB holder.